n. The place where hydrocarbons (oil and/or natural gas) are produced. "The oilfield" is also a term used by oil & gas industry professionals to describe their industry and the work associated with it.
I worked in the oilfield for 10 years before becoming a desk jockey.
by vaeren January 13, 2007
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Oilfield trash is a term given to someone who works in the oilfields, typically as a Roughneck, and is caracterized by the following traits..
-likely has several tattoos

-drives a truck that is worth more than their house. They likely have a decal on the back of said truck that says "oilfield trash"
-is constantly covered in filth from working on the rig all day
-cusses every other word
-has never been married but has had many wives.

The true test to see if someone is oilfield trash is that they will feel a sense of pride in being called oilfield trash. They like it when people call them oilfield trash and its the highest honor for someone to call them that.
Mad driver: You dumb piece of oilfield-trash, your goddamn truck's exhaust is so strong it just killed my cat.

Oilfeild-Trash: Thank you sir. Your damn right this som' bittchin' truck is the shit, and the exhast only cost me $4000 dollars. Thats only a goddamn months pay for my sorry ass. I'll see your bitchass around.
by westtexaswildcatter January 9, 2012
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Oilfield Trash: the term likley began as a pejorative coined by locals in towns that experienced a rapid influx of oilfield workers arriving to drill and service oil and gas wells or provide oilfield services to the industry. Some of the stiff-necked town Fathers (and mothers) saw the oilfield workers as rough, itinerant vagabonds with too much money to spend and a serious lack of moral fibre verging on criminality. Never mind that the oilfield people could be professional engineers,geologists and technical people who made more in a month that most of the locals did in a year. Some were indeed not well "house-trained" but Bar owners, hotel owners and merchants soon discovered that most of these oilfield folks were actually pretty good for business. Today the term is seldom used outside of an "in-joke" among veteran oil patch people. The industry has matured workers are better trained for the most part and the numbers of truly uncivilized or trashy folk are dwindling. In the 1950's one snarly old town councillor (in a prairie city that will remain nameless)wanted to implement a by-law to prevent the "oilfield trash" from living within the city limits, instead having them live in trailers in an oilfield "ghetto" out on the prairie! He lost. In the ensuing years it was the influx of oil and gas money that made the place (and many others like it,) what it is today.
"He's nothin' but Oilfield trash..."
"Lock up your daughters and wives the oilfield trash are in town"
"I am proud to be Oilfield Trash"

Well here's a gang of oilfield trash up to no good (meeting a table of industry friends in the Cafe')
by TeddyBear November 13, 2006
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A group of individuals employed in the oilfield industry who feel obtaining liquid gold gives them a god like complex. Unfortunately in most cases this group is usually comprised of men who wear dirty jeans even on days off to simulate working all the time and possess below average IQs and penis size. These downfalls are usually compensated with large trucks and even larger tires.
Wife: The neighbors are always staring at me because we can’t have a car that’s not a truck with an oilfield mafia sticker on the back.

Husband: I will spit in anyone’s face who disrespects that sticker. Those school teachers didn’t teach me anything compared to what my brothers taught me.

Wife: I want a divorce

Husband: Hell yeah brother, single life, oilfield mafia.

Wife: Blank stare, leaves slowly
by DD Alwhiney June 9, 2019
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The use of a wheel well as a urinal. This is done by standing next to the wheel and putting your hands on the hood and urinating in the wheel well. It is important to look relaxed and even holding a phone helps. It is a good way to urinate in public and look inconspicuous.
While in Chicago on a trip across the country, I pulled into a park and leaned up against the truck in the wheel well and relieved myself in an oilfield outhouse. No one knew what happened and I even sent a text.
by Ryo son December 16, 2010
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An oilfield handshake is when two men stand face to face with their pants down around their ankles. The two men vigorously jerk each other off. There must be direct eye contact and it's not over until both have finished.
I heard your uncle is great at oilfield handshakes. He really has the forearm strength and intimate eye contact to make it special.
by Skinny Peters m. d. September 17, 2021
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A collaboration or pure bread degenerate idiots whom decided to deem themselves “The Oilfield Mafia”. Origin remains unknown.
Man, this production facility is fucked up. I bet the oilfield mafia was here.
by Oilfield mafia March 21, 2018
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