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magical hybrid of a cat and a bus. taken from the movie "My Neigbor Totoro"
i saw a bus! a Catbus!
by v1cious June 24, 2004

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Normal Person+Anonymity+Audience=Total Fuckwad

the theory that people act like jerks because they want attention and can't be caught.

originated from Penny-Arcade
That troll is proof of the "Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory"
by v1cious October 06, 2004

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evil megalomaniac corporation that charges ridiculous service charges on already overpriced tickets.
$11.00 service charge? what the hell?
by v1cious May 14, 2004

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when a band or artist gets really popular, and everyone in the scene starts to hate them.
i used to like Killswitch Engage, but now that they're big. i think they suck.
by v1cious July 19, 2004

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an japanese girl who gained a fandom after slashing her friend to death with a box cutter at school. the name comes from an old school picture that was posted on the internet in which the girl is wearing a "Nevada" sweatshirt.
Nevada-tan has become a huge celebrity on 2chan, 4chan(where she used to post herself) and and many other japanese forums.
by v1cious August 09, 2004

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When Cowardly rich bastards screw hard working people out of their entiire livelihood just to stay ahead.
"Insider Trading" is white collar crime
by v1cious April 08, 2004

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an overpriced ticket monopoly that will screw you any way they can.
TicketBastard, don't care about people, cause they're the antichrist.
by v1cious May 14, 2004

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