The fontanelle, or soft spot on an infants head
The baby just wouldn't stop crying, so I kept pushing the reset button, and now she's quiet!
by CanadianRedneck November 30, 2010
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extemely lazy tactic used by writers when they run out of ideas. basically it consists of having some kind of stupid event occur that sets everything back to zero. it's most commonly seen anime.
good examples of the Reset Button:

Big O
Wolf's Rain
Mai Hime
by v1cious April 1, 2005
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After eating to much, making yourself throw up by pushing the reset button.
I dated this girl who routinely ate to much, just to go to the bathroom to hit the reset button
by childerhose February 13, 2009
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Morphy and purr were misbehaving so I forcefully activated their reset buttons.
by 47str April 6, 2009
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The result of heavy drinking the previous night. The act of taking a large poo, cleansing your lower intestines of any obstruction, resetting your bowels to their original empty state.

The intentional use of alchohol to aid in the evacuation of one's bowels.
"We drank a lot last night! I need to go hit that reset button" beer shit

"I've been backed up lately, I need to drink a 40 so I can hit that reset button"
by dub-cox September 8, 2013
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On a TV show, when something happens that is significant enough that it should effect the characters and plot for several episodes (even seasons) to come but is quickly dismissed with some 'it never happened' plot device or completely forgotten by the next episode.
Wow, this is some heavy stuff. Of course, you just know they're gonna do something to press the Big Reset Button at the end so it never happened.
by Anonymous August 31, 2004
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When Having vaginal sex in the doggy style position extremely fast and you slip out and your dick slides into her ass causing her to A: pass out from shock! B: jump across the room! C: scream! Or D: all of the above! This shares some similarities to the use and effects of reset buttons on tomagotchi's and other assorted digital pets!
Kyle:I was fuckin my girl from behind and hit her anal reset button! She blacked out for a second but then we got back to business!

Matt: gotta love The Anal Reset Button!

Kyle and Matt: Crank Dat Tomagotchi!!!
by matt-becker April 6, 2009
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