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wi-men The root of all evil.
Person A: What got us kicked out of the garden of Eden?

Person B: That bitch with the 70's porn pubes between her legs tempted Adam with a healthy apple while he was eating doritos and watching the game. He took one bite and Morgan Freeman bitch slapped his ass out of the garden along with his bitch wife. Afterwards, she started nagging about how this would not have happened if he paid more attention to her and then she wondered off subject until she started blaming him for the five extra pounds she gained since she left the garden.

Person A: So women fucked us over?

Person B: Damn straight.
by uzi killer January 30, 2011
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The closest form of human zombie in existence.
Model of Comparison between Republican and Zombie:
Angry- both
Homophobic- Just Republicans
Racist- also just Republicans

According to legend both also carry very small penises.
by uzi killer September 18, 2011
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A living humanoid baring a skull that is vacant of a brain and a mouth that is only silenced while suckling on an oversized scrotum hence the name "tea-bagger".
Teabagger: Did you hear Obama is planing on contaminating our waters with a chemical that will encourage us to lose weight and prevent us from fornicating with our close relatives.

Random Person: One can only hope.


Person with Oversized Scrotum: Hold on. I'll Shut him up. Here... open your mouth and say ahhh.

Teabagger: Bout' time you showed up. Come to poppa.
by uzi killer September 18, 2011
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(Noun) A group of at least three underdeveloped males who often appear on sites like Chatroulette so they can project their inner most sexual desires on unsuspecting targets who visit these sites in a futile effort to meet interesting people.
Billy's friends strongly encouraged him to use Chatroulette to meet interesting people, but once he got on, all he was met with was one fagparty after another.
by uzi killer September 22, 2011
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(Noun) language system used by lesbians to communicate their sexual desires cryptically in a public settings.
Girl1: I like your shoes.

Girl2: Well I like your panties.

Girl1: But you can't see my panties because I'm wearing a dress.

Girl2: Well maybe you could show them to me sometime soon.

Girl1: I'm certain this is lez-speak so I'm going to tell you this for the very last time. Stop hitting on me. I'm not a lesbian.

Gilr2: Why ya always gotta play hard to get?
by uzi killer September 19, 2011
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Those who truly hold supremacy over man and are the reason for all of his vices and vice versa. If women didn't want men to be powerful they would never turn into power hungry murdering psychotics who look at them as if they were nothing more than sperm deposits. If men didn't want women to be bitchy, moody, and overly sensitive, then they should stop chasing after the girl who seems the most stuck up and pissy at the bar.
Man: I'm tired of crazy bitches so I'm going to get blitzed and look for the biggest stuck up bitch I can find at the club so that I'll wind up back at square one.

Woman: I dumped my lawyer boyfriend cause he was a misogynistic asshole who insulted my intelligence at every opportunity. Now I'm better off because I'm with a rich doctor who gives me stupid pet names and control every aspect of my life.
by uzi killer September 18, 2011
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