A type dry red wine, or a variety of red grape.

Also is a rare name for a, usually female, person. They normally have green/hazel eyes, brown hair, and are either fairly or extremely attractive. This person can either have a dark sense of humor and/or a dirty mind, they are usually very funny and brilliant, but can be annoying at times.
1. This wine is better than I thought, it's named Cabernet, right?

2. Guy 1: "Hey, what do you think about Cabernet?"
Guy 2: "She's pretty hot, but her sense of humor is WICKED"
by That Weirrdo Over There March 15, 2016
a red grape primarily used to produce the wine of the same name- typically full bodied wines with a lasting finish.

roommate 1: omgah did someone bleed all over the sink?
roommate 2: no, i chundered two bottles of cab...
cabernet sauvignon
The act of rimming a man after you have had too many red wines.
"Ohh babe that Cabernet doughnut you gave me last night was fierce! Next time use more Shiraz to fill the hole"
by lef dog June 24, 2016