that sense of confidence you get inside after receiving a complement from a girl...
Girl: hurts
Boy: why?
Girl: Its too big...
Boy: (in mind) now thats a fuzzy feeling!

Girl: oh i cant walk now my legs have gone all funny...
Boy: haha! :D :D
by TomEngland December 7, 2006
How you feel when you think of someone you love, or are amused, or just content.
I always get that warm fuzzy feeling when I hear good jokes & when I think of my family & good friends.
by Starchylde May 25, 2016
A feeling when, after smoking or consuming THC, you get the unwarranted paranoid feeling that there are police (the Fuzz) everywhere, whether it be other cars, or people.
Frank - Dude, is that car behind us a cop?!?
Billy - Nah man, you're just feeling fuzzy.
by JGUNNZ August 14, 2010