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obsessive compulsive disorder

ocd, as the name implies, causes obsessive thought processes (i.e., when most ppl would have given up on a girl after she said no, i - having ocd - might still think about her a lot).

it also, as the name implies, causes compulsive actions (i.e., my mum gets a cold, so before i feel comfortable again, i have to wash my hands several times)

ocd is a bitch to have, man. if you don't know anyone with ocd but want to know what its like, watch monk. good show cos i can relate
a series of drugs can be used to treat ocd.

the only family of drugs i know to treat it are the ssri's (seritonin re-uptake inhibitors, or something). zoloft, for example.
by unusu-al March 02, 2004
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goth is a subculture that grew out of the punk culture in the 80s.

i will agree with non-goths in that most goths are very evasive when it comes to defining the term "goth." i will also agree with them in that "goths" who simply whine and make fun of non-"goths" are pricks. most "goths" don't really know what it means to be goth.

the gothic period (late 1700s-1800s) was a period of the "sublime." rather than look for skin deep beauty in something, the gothics would look for intellectual or moral value. for example, they would prefer a battered old castle staircase to a sparkling new marble staircase because the old one has more character.

the TRUE goths of today are named this way because they follow this thought pattern of looking for the thought-provoking instead of the aesthetic. why revel in the darker side of life? "sinister" things (i.e., death, fate) provide more food for thought than pretty things (i.e., blue skies, love).

thinking in this rather morbid way usually results in the true goth being rather satirical. SOMETIMES they may be withdrawn and maybe a little snide, but this is because knowledge is a burden.

the pseudo-goth (the one everyone thinks of when they hear "goth"; bear in mind, i do NOT consider these people goth) is some middle school douche who shops at hot topic and listens to music in the gothic genre (i.e., bauhaus) whether or not they actually like the music. they are quick to judge people and make fun of them every chance they get.

then theres the TRUE goth (like me). we think in the manner of the people of the aforementioned gothic period. some of us are "artsy" simply because we can express our knowledge so freely in it. we don't *neccessarily* shop at hot topic (though they have some cool shirts) and we don't *neccessarily* listen to goth music/death metal (i like pink floyd & queen). we are intellectuals.

most of us are pretty nice. many goths are outcasts in some perspective, so they are often receptive to people who need a friend.
fake goth (aka valley girl goth): like, oh my goth, gag me with a crucifix! i got this bauhaus shirt because ellen and julia and megan and paula have it! i'm so individual! i wish i knew what bauhaus was...

real goth (like me): ...style doesn't make a goth; your thought process is most important
by unusu-al October 03, 2004
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a worldwide fast food restaurant chain. they are most always conveniently located every few miles or so. very handy when going on humungous day long drives across the country.

unfortunately, while they are convenient they have very lacking sanitation. flies landing on food and shitting on it so you can eat diseased dog shit. cleaning 20 tables with one filthy rag.
ugh i think a piece of shit fell from the ceiling
by unusu-al February 08, 2004
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fuzzy woodland creature that likes to dam up rivers and. they are recognizable by their flat, paddle-like tails. you can also tell what they are because they are probably the only animal that likes to gnaw on trees.
angry beavers is an old school cartoon about two fuzzy beavers that live in their bachelor-pad/dam
by unusu-al June 02, 2004
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a president of the united states. hoover was elected in 1928 and was blamed by many for the depression. contrasting greatly w/ fdr's new deal, hoover did little to nothing because he believed in the business cycle - where the economy would fix itself.

he did, however, set up the boulder dam project to provide jobs for people. boulder dam is more popularly known as hoover dam.
by unusu-al November 06, 2003
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sandwiches whose meat is porkchops. being that whenever i have porkchops they are rather dry and tough, porkchop sandwiches sound none too appetizing.

but its one funny ass quote :D
*stove turns on*
kid 1: (munching on apple) "you not cookin!!"
kid 2: (puts pan on burner) "bl-yea-i du!"
*curtain catches fire*
kid 2: "ba bababaa baa baa, bua bah ba ba ba!!!"
fireman: (running) "porkchop sandwiches!"
*fireman runs into burning room*
*fire truck comes to house*
fireman: "my god, did that smell good!"
kid 2: "detected and the no going you tell me do things, i no runnin!"

by unusu-al June 02, 2004
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a mighty fine shop. probably the only place besides ebay that i can purchase a wide variety of neat shirts (tees, fishnets, you name it). also a good place to pick up some non-traditional-colored hair dye and temporary hair color, and the only place i really get my jelly bracelets from.
ppl are always like hot topic sux but im like stfu ass its a great store with comfy clothing
by unusu-al June 15, 2004
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