"Ma Bell" is a now outdated term that refers to the whole of Bell Telephone, which was to say the entire national telephone network.
Like Ma Bell I got the Ill Communication
--Beastie Boys
by BillyPhuz November 13, 2005
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a no longer out-dated term for the telephone system. Now that AT&T has eaten up BellSouth, Ma Bell lives again. Watch her eat up the other surviving Baby Bells. She's like that evil robot in Terminator 2, whom they chopped up into bits and the bits melted and melded.

Aaaaauuuugggghhhh! Holy Jesus, no! It's Ma Bell! She's back! The dead live! THE DEAD FUCKING LIVE!!!!!
by Frank Booth March 23, 2007
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Bell Ma; Southern term for A female who has been with your Man/Mate/Husband/Boyfriend/Baby Daddy. Female Jody This is an old Southern term used in rural Louisiana by Black Folks. A "Bell Pa" is the male equivalent. It is not required that the person had sex with your mate, only a romantic relationship will qualify. Jody, Girlfriend, Girlfriends,exes,ex, ex-girlfriend,ex-girlfriends
Friend; Look at Nadine over there talking to Her Bell Ma, I bet she doesn't know.
by 1me December 28, 2015
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