a term used to define a catch22 situation where there is no out

to be without a lifeline or safehaven
Wayne just found out I got Lisa pregnant im fucked!
Oh my god i have no brakes im fucked!
by Les Crapp June 9, 2006
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When you’re way too fucking bored so you just search up “im fucking bored” on google.

God, im so fucking bored that im adding a word on urban dictionary .
by Just someone whos really bored January 14, 2021
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It is used when a funny meme is posted on discord but you cant stop laughing to it, these memes are generally offensive or low quality to get a rare "im fucking dead" reply.
Jack : *posts a meme*
Micheal : im fucking dead 💀
by IAtePeople June 30, 2023
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