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The fizzy feeling you get inside of you that makes you wanna dance, dance, dance (:
1. When I won the bet, knowing I had just gained 50 bucks made me feel ever so dancey.

2. When you're at a rave, you can't avoid the feeling of danciness inside of your tummy.

3. You're so adorable, you make me feel dancey.
by uniPORN February 06, 2009
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A pedophile who always fails miserably in his/her attempts to attract children.
Old guy: Hey... how's about yall visit me sometime for some popsicles... age doesn't matter to me... I just love the children...
Kids: Err... no thanks (Whisper) What a pedofail
Other kids: Twat
by uniPORN March 08, 2009
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Similar to the f-bomb, but when you get so damn pissed you use as many cuss words you can think of, in as many spaces left in the sentence physically possible. A delicate and imperssive art. Alpha-bomb battles are the best to listen to (:
Daniel: Damn man, Fran dropped the whole alpha-bomb on me last night.
Tom: What'd she say?
Daniel: Something like, "Fuck you fucking fucker! Go fucking fuck your fucked up fucking mom! Don't ever fucking fuck up my fucking life a-fucking-gain, fuckface! Now fucking get the fuck out of my motherfucking house, which you've fucking already fucked up al-fucking-ready! FUCKER!"
Tom: Damn. Harsh.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
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PLEASE, don't use so many big words, you're making me confuzzled.

I don't know if he dumped me or not, I'm so confuzzled.
by uniPORN February 23, 2009
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A bachelorette party where the bachelor(ette) is acting like a total bitch, whore, skank, etc.
Man, Jane had a total bitchelorette party last night. You should be glad you didn't go.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
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The meaner way to say "a gay male who spends a lot of his time at a salon." This also applies if he works there.
That salon fruit was checking out my dad when my mum was getting her hair done...
by uniPORN February 23, 2009
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