Junior:: Hey, I like your profile.
Missy:: TVM (:
by uniPORN February 06, 2009
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Person 1: LOL your video is awesome!
Person 2: =D TVM!
by Uber awesome October 23, 2007
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Temporary Vaginal Moment. A retracted penis instead of an erection.
did you see the fat girl with her thong?! total TVM!
by italianman March 31, 2011
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Thomas viaduct middle school is way better than mayfield on terms to fake people. This school isn't fake and is pretty fun. You can also meet a bunch of fun people. But there are downsides due to the fake friends. But overall in my opinion tvms is the best.
"What's that school that's not fake,"
"Tvms duh"
by Gadeye January 24, 2018
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