14 definitions by trouble

cave dweller, one who exists within the caverns and shafts
I am an advanced model of the non-crucified christ with the a female upgrade on two sides
by trouble April 29, 2003
A woman with the utmost style who lives for bad 70’s disco, thinks she’s hysterically funny (even when she isn’t), and who loves the film, Fletch. Can be used as a descriptive noun or as an adjective to describe Lisa C.

Credits to Jeff C. 143
"Koolkid is dancing on the bar again." Or, "That girl, Lisa C., is such the koolkid after a few Midori Sours." Or, "Geezo, she’s a dork but she thinks she’s such the koolkid."
by trouble September 3, 2004
trying to talk to someone or just saying goodbye
1.holla at ya boy
2holla at me later
by trouble April 18, 2003
When you make a statement and people don't support it.
When i told my girlfriend her butt was big she dixie-kicked me in the nuts.
by trouble October 5, 2003
A shallow "man" who with an unnerving amount of Mommy complexes (because he was breast fed until he was 9!) finds a sexually healthy,independent,intelligent and beautiful female and runs like the sorry ass bitch that he is.Women who posess beauty, brains and also lack the typical guilt complex about sex terrifies weak men.Will be continued...
See also Matt Sable....a sad,sad little man dog paddling in the big boy's pool
by trouble April 11, 2005