koolkid represents a person who is confident, prideful and constantly dabbing, in other words koolkid means that you're fucking lifeless and you want to die
layla: omg look at anoud, she wants to be a koolkid so badly
sarah: i know right! its so sad
by kathy daffy February 5, 2018
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A woman with the utmost style who lives for bad 70’s disco, thinks she’s hysterically funny (even when she isn’t), and who loves the film, Fletch. Can be used as a descriptive noun or as an adjective to describe Lisa C.

Credits to Jeff C. 143
"Koolkid is dancing on the bar again." Or, "That girl, Lisa C., is such the koolkid after a few Midori Sours." Or, "Geezo, she’s a dork but she thinks she’s such the koolkid."
by Trouble September 3, 2004
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a way to describe other groups on a message which do not include yourself, particularly after you have made a blatantly troll-like comment.
you koolkids don't like me! i wonder why?
by wallet boy September 23, 2008
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