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It’s like a rim job but instead of licking your tickling.
I gave Josh the greatest Rickle of his life yesterday.


Do you see Stacey giving Josh that Rickle yesterday.
by Snozer the dominator October 28, 2018
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while one is holding back a hefty bowel movement another party sneaks up to the "Beholder" and tickles them. Thus expelling any form whether it be solid or liquid, or that nasty in between, into the tickle-victim had into his or her pants
"Dude, i just got rickled! Turn the car around, NOW!"

"Rickle me once, shame on you. Rickle me twice, thats alot of poo."
by MasterCylinder April 11, 2010
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To steal another's date, especially during a formal function
Jake: Did you hear what happened to Mike last night?
Anthony: No, what!?
Jake: He got rickled by his brother.
Anthony: Damn that sucks. At least they're eskimo brothers now too.
by tomatobeta June 06, 2012
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Avoiding a task just so you can complain about it.
Rick: "These kegs are in the way. I can't get to the wine."
Me: "Move them."
Rick: "It's not my job."
Me: " Don't rickle me."
by Nightnight July 24, 2017
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