A 'trans woman' is a man. Hope this clears things up!
by bigboobies007 March 3, 2023
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Trans woman walks in the female bathroom.........

Woman: "Excuse me, Sir I think you are in the wrong bathroom!"

Trans woman: " What do you mean?"


Trans woman: " yeah I know, I self identify myself as a woman so therefore I have the right to be in this bathroom."

Woman: "No bro, your just a man that's dressing up and cosplaying as woman."

Trans woman: left speechless 😶.....
by June 27, 2023
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A chick who used to have boy cooties but they made her bummed out so she replaced them with girl cooties. Usually she's hot as hell, empathetic, and don't take no shit from no body. A very good person to be friends with.
Tiffany: hey... I want to tell you something. I've never told anyone this but I don't feel like a boy. I'm a trans woman. Could you call me Tiffany and use she/her pronouns for me?

Chad: "ofc babe I'm so glad you told me. I won't tell anyone bc I respect your privacy and understand this is a stressful time for you, but I wanna help however I can."

tiffany: "thanks Chad, you're the best bf ever, I understand if you mess up my pronouns at first, don't worry about it. ily, thank you for being here for me"

Chad: "ily2 babe you're a great gf! And thank you for granting me grace, I'll do my best to be a good ally and learn more abt the community and it's struggles to better support you!"
by Suck my big one April 29, 2023
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A trans woman is a woman who was sexed "male" at birth. Trans women run the gamut from non-op to pre-op to post-op.
Kim Petras is a trans woman, and so is Calpernia Addams; RuPaul, in contrast, is a drag queen.
by Miz Thang May 7, 2009
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"Did you hear Melissa is a trans woman?"
"You just mean a woman?"
by blorbaii April 20, 2020
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Someone who the doctor/parents assumed was a boy when they were born (also known as assigned male at birth or AMAB) but has since discovered they're actually a woman.
Erica used to think she was a man, and that her discomfort with her body was just something she had to get over. Now that she's living as a trans woman, she's much happier and more comfortable.
by vicimgd June 21, 2019
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basically a guy, who became a gal, bevause that was her inner calling. not to be confused with a drag queen. no, a trans woman is not a "man in a dress", shes just doing what shes comfortable with. i dont understand whats so horrible and unjust that is.. its a lil hard to explain how yes, that is in fact a woman, or for trans men, a guy.. but thats not an excuse to be transphobic.
"trans woman? oh ya like a guy pretending to be a girl!"
this is not what a trans woman is

"trans woman? yea, a woman who was born male, but became who she was meant to be"
this is what a trans woman is
by lemonicdemonade September 18, 2021
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