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An extremely stupid and foolish person.
A nit wit is completely clueless and is unable to see solutions to problems that are painfully obvious to even stupid people.
A nit wit is oblivious to how stupid they are.
There was a fly on the glass window and the nit wit used a hammer to try to kill it. He is SUCH a nit wit.
He got pulled over by the cops. The cop said he was doing 50 in a 30 mph zone. He told the cop No I was going 60.
He is such a nit wit.
by thederby July 19, 2019
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a pillow princess is VERY good looking but when you get her in bed she just lays there.
She is sexually lame and most always has not even the slightest vocalization during intercourse.
A pillow princess looks hot but when she is in bed is basically an inanimate object with a pulse.

a pillow princess goes through the motions sorta like a little kid eating something they dont like.
by thederby July 28, 2013
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a girl (most always very attractive) who is sexually frigid.
A pillow princess is the kind of girl who looks great but lays in the bed like dead wood when having sex.
a pillow princess is so inept at sexual acts it is almost impossiable to comprehend who one good look that good and be so lacking in sexual prowess.
by thederby August 24, 2013
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A person who is a pleasure to be around.
They dont sweat the small stuff.

They tend to laugh easily but not forceably so. They tend not to care about trival matters.
They are most always well adjusted and have no anger issues.
Its Hot and Humid out. A happy go lucky person says this is going to be a great day by the pool.
They dont Bitch about how humid it is.
by thederby September 03, 2019
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a clueless person, most always lacking even the most basic social skills. a doofus often thinks they are a bit smarter then everyone else.
when a doofus makes silly comments at the dinner table and everyone rolls their eyes they think everyone got something in their eye at the same time.

A doofus views defeating a 6 year old at a game of tic tac toe
as an accomplishment to be bragged about.
A doofus does not understand why you are not fairly impressed by this.
by thederby October 02, 2012
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A speech or article filled with Non Sense, half truths, and omissions and or distortions of facts.
Foolish and Slobbering speech most always but not exclusively put forth by a person of Low IQ.
Drivel is often but not always meant to persuade you as to a point of view.
This clown was saying how he ALWAYS knew Exactly what the stock market would do and it was ALL based
on the relationship between the weather on the west coast vs the east coast.
He also claims to have access to tomorrows newspaper on every 3rd friday of the month.
What Drivel.
by thederby July 24, 2019
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A person who is filled with deception and dishonesty. A person who mis represents their intentions.
They said they would invite us over for dinner. Never mind that they dont have a kitchen and cant cook a hot dog.
When we said yea ok anyway. They All of a sudden got switched to the night shift on their job.
They are Such Game players.
by thederby May 21, 2019
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