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The niggler is a super villain who kills his victims and then he chops off their hands for his personal collections and replaces them with bits of fried chicken. he also fills thier corpse with watermellon chunks, and often replaces thier blood with Old English
OMG *shriek* the niggler has struck again!
by The mysterious jed May 09, 2006
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A act of sexual deviance in which one individual performs analingus on another, whilst a third member of the group performs cunnilingus/fellatio on the same individual, thus achieving simultaneous oral stimulation of the genitals and anus.
Sally loved to have her buthole eaten, and loved to have her cooter tongued just as much, but Biff was only one man, with one tongue, so Biff and Sally invited Sam to join them for a two way lunch on Sally.
by The Mysterious Jed November 17, 2009
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To take a little bit of something, a smidgeon. a small amount.
Steve: Hey can i niggle a bit of that pie?
Bill: no, you always niggle too much.
by The mysterious jed May 09, 2006
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Manbearpig is a new and totally serial danger in north america. everyone needs to listen to Al Gore, and stop Manbearpig before he strikes again.
omg its Manbearpig! omgomgomg!
by the mysterious jed May 03, 2006
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