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To screw someone or weasle your way into something. Especially used while playing classic multiplayer video games.
Dude, you niggled me in Mario Kart.
by HCStyles October 20, 2005
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In the Harry Potter movie white people or people who are not wizards or whitches are called muggles.
Black people who are not wizards and or whitches are called NIGGLES.

That is the right definition.
Snape: Harry and Ron when you flew the flying car the Niggles couldve shot you.

Ron: those niggles

Snape: You are dismissed just watch out for the niggles.
by Erinlikescatz. November 28, 2010
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Lizzie didn't have much to say, considering no one was talking to her. It wasn't a bad thing, yet she liked listening to a conversation. Not wanting to NIGGLE her way back into the conversation, she said, "So, why did you come up here?
by Lupin_Luver_MoonyxGirl August 22, 2007
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1. a unit of measurement used for marijuana; an amount of marijuana fit for only personal consumption.
Mary: "Hey bitch smoke me out."

Jane: "Sorry I only got a niggle."
by Tyler_Durden1987 November 24, 2011
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a niggle is a term for your gay black friend that claims they aren't gay although hinting that they watch gay porn every tuesday night
Niggle are you a gay or something cause what the fuck
by Cucumbersalad July 26, 2017
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