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FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision in college football. The Football Bowl Subdivision became the new name for Division 1-A in 2006.
"As of 2008, the FBS has 119 teams."
by the snake man October 20, 2008

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Currently newest and possibly the baddest gunfighting skill that was first seen in the movie Wanted. It is done with a flick of the wrist while pulling the trigger, sending the bullet flying around corners or even in a complete circle.
Angelina Jolie is pretty damn good at bullet curving.
by the snake man July 01, 2008

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Chiefly Mexican, agaves also occur in the southern and western United States and in central and tropical South America. The plants have a large rosette of thick fleshy leaves, each ending generally in a sharp point and with a spiny margin; the stout stem is usually short, the leaves apparently springing from the root. Along with plants from the related genus Yucca, various Agave species are popular ornamental plants. Agave sap is what is distilled into the liquors tequila and mescal.
There are 136 species of agave found in North America.
by the snake man July 01, 2008

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A tight band from Cleveland, Ohio. They have a amazing sound which they characterize as rock, indie, synthpop/electronica. The band is: lead vocals/guitarist Chris Feran, bassist/backup vocals Kyle Napierkowski, and drummer Kirk Berry. Lunavelis is known to stay after shows and share hugs and smalltalk with their fans. With their talent it is only a matter of time until they are a household name.
"Have you heard Lunavelis?"

"No, what do they sound like?"

"They sound like Harry Potter traded his wand for a synthesizer."
by the snake man September 08, 2008

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