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The fat one is the proverbial "big, fat cock," usually used to describe something bad, often added on to "sucks" or "blows".
1:That song blows the fat one
2:this party sucks the fat one
3:it licked the fat one
A Day created by Satan and the greeting card companies.
Satan:Hmmm... how can I make the world an even worse place, Hmm... I KNOW! I'll make a day to make all single people feel like shit by pretending it's about love.
Greeting card company: THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! we'll call it valentines Day.
meaning hypocrite, simlar to the phase "pot calling the kettle black." origanates from otep's "sepsis"
Molly: you have way to much free time.
Rya: said the serpent to the snake.
Definition 1: an exact Level on a video game.
Definition 2: an extremly funny webtoon you can find at bonusstages.com
Definition 2: Joel: my latest invention can make pancakes walk.
Phil: what the hell is the point of that?
Random dude who isn't in the show: I love bonus stages