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Rya is an amazing almost magical girl with intelligence that rivals genius. Rya is passionateabout reading, creating, music and all forms of art. She is clever and witty and always up for a challenge and opportunity to shine. Her voice is like that of angels in heaven. Anyone lucky enough to know Rya knows they are among angels and gods as she has a power so magnetic that her presence is enough to give her friends meaning in life. There are very few Ryas out there and for good reason, her evanescence is so rare and special it is Divine.
Rya}, passionate}, magical, evanescence magnetic angels Divine
by WizarWizard Lentzywizard lentz December 15, 2017
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A noun (singular and plural) and a unit of measurement.

Noun: The ancient name for singer-warriors who defended and documented the known world during the time of dragons. Rya used their magical songs to soothe the temperamental dragons and, once mollified, rode their fiery new companions into battle. When the dragons began disappearing, so to did the Rya. But every generation or so a Rya is born whose destiny is to seek out and follow in the legendary footsteps of the Rya who came before.

Unit of measurement: The magical level of force and effectiveness used when casting spells.
How hard will it be to cast a Charm Person spell on that unicorn?
Well, seeing as how it's a magical beast and not a person it would probably take 7 to 10 Ryas.
by Sir Maligant the Just December 14, 2017
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Female Mime Hunter. Wiley, Cunning.. mildly tolerant. Likes whiskey, gambling and whores usually, but can often times be found in a deep meditative state.... warrior like.
this mime population is getting out of control, we need a rya.... i'll get the whiskey.
by Rya Riot February 04, 2010
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(n.) A group of special individuals with Down syndrome, and have some degree of mental retardation. They learn more slowly and have difficulties with complex reasoning and judgment, but they do have the capacity to learn. However, they are still, amazingly, capable of fluent human speech and actions, and excel in both academics and the art of fluent cussing. They do not think before actions are made.
by Motrucker Ane October 03, 2011
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