Rya is an amazing almost magical girl with intelligence that rivals genius. Rya is passionateabout reading, creating, music and all forms of art. She is clever and witty and always up for a challenge and opportunity to shine. Her voice is like that of angels in heaven. Anyone lucky enough to know Rya knows they are among angels and gods as she has a power so magnetic that her presence is enough to give her friends meaning in life. There are very few Ryas out there and for good reason, her evanescence is so rare and special it is Divine.
Rya}, passionate}, magical, evanescence magnetic angels Divine
by WizarWizard Lentzywizard lentz December 14, 2017
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Rya is a a beautiful & sensitive girl who tends to be the funny friend. She knows how to make you smile and has the best humor anyone can have. It’s hard to gain trust of a Rya because there known for getting their heart broken quite a lot. Rya’s don’t rush in to things such as friendships and relationships because they want to get to know you well first so the friendship/relationship can last. If you know a Rya, you’re very lucky and don’t ever let her go or put her last because they are in fact special and will always be there for you no matter what even if you don’t realize it.
“Rya is amazing
person: “I know
by 2019facts July 3, 2019
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A noun (singular and plural) and a unit of measurement.

Noun: The ancient name for singer-warriors who defended and documented the known world during the time of dragons. Rya used their magical songs to soothe the temperamental dragons and, once mollified, rode their fiery new companions into battle. When the dragons began disappearing, so to did the Rya. But every generation or so a Rya is born whose destiny is to seek out and follow in the legendary footsteps of the Rya who came before.

Unit of measurement: The magical level of force and effectiveness used when casting spells.
How hard will it be to cast a Charm Person spell on that unicorn?
Well, seeing as how it's a magical beast and not a person it would probably take 7 to 10 Ryas.
by Sir Maligant the Just December 14, 2017
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Rya’s are some of the most kind caring and sensitive people you will ever meet. They will always be there to care for you and will always give you hug when needed. If you ever feel lonely you would be able to call them and they would come and be there for you. In short Rya’s are very comforting people.
Person: “Rya is always there for me!”

Other person: “Wow me too it’s like she cares for everyone!”
by Lilraindrop23 December 31, 2021
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She is the most beautiful girl in the world. She loves everyone and has the most genuine heart. If she likes you don’t let her go. She’s a keeper. Do anything you can to make her happy. She has a beautiful inside too.
Him: Who’s that beautiful girl

Me: Rya
by JonerSligt February 9, 2022
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A cute girl that everyone should obey, and you better treat this lady like a princess 👑.
Her name is Rya, and she is so cute!
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Rya: *exists*
Me: hfjfhfhfhfhffdkfjdhdjdhfgfhffhdfhffvdgfhfjf
by Weewee🤯 July 8, 2023
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