7 definitions by the mello

when you are ready to whoop a single niggers ass, but more niggers come out of absolutely no where, as if that one nigger performed cell division.
yo i would of kicked the shit out of that nigger but he performed cell division so i got gang banged instead.
by the mello December 2, 2007
when your jankin it and you cum before you expect to.
man i wanted to last the entire porno but i jackoffulated and it was just aweful.
by the mello December 2, 2007
the general fact of niggers ruining society. polluting the airwaves with their jungle beats, breathing all the good air, taking all the good white bitches, eating all the fried chicken, ect.
did you hear that new track by 50 cent? complete nigger bullshit.
by the mello December 2, 2007
Kick Ass Movie

"Let's steal some shit. Somethin about a ring. Gay guy with dogs. The End"
Man i was watchin that movie,what's the worst that could happen? it gave me a bonerection. uhhh!
by the mello December 2, 2007
an object to beat down jews, preferably a bat with rusty nails.
that greedy jew wouldn't cough up a dollar, so i'm gunna smash him up with the ol' kike stick i got in my basement.
by the mello December 2, 2007
a great way of smashin a bitches face up.
Me: (drags in knocked out chick) Hey look what we got you man.
Ryan: Are those fuckin longboard truck marks on her face?
Me: We wouldn't have it any other way buddy.
Ryan: You guys are the best.
by the mello December 2, 2007
what happened to the satans dick after it came in contact with the yeti.
the satans dick is now a prehistoric artifact aka a teradactyl penis
by the mello December 2, 2007