Listen cuz yesterday I was jankin on Barry so hard I thought he was gonna pull a Curt Cobain.
by almega86 July 13, 2005
To be fuckin' or messing with someone's head, or leading someone on.

Girl you been jankin me all day time.
by s.wood & kmuldawg November 16, 2007
to steal or rob, also to be hating.
while playing a video game and someone steals your kill(also known as a KJ) you can yell "man, why you be jankin'"
by johan ciznero December 19, 2009
A word to use instead of skank, disgusting, ugly...
ahhh mate tha's jankin'

georgina's face is jankin'!!

eww, thats so jank.

i may have to puke up jank if you carry on talking about fat people having a shit
The (fictitious) crappiest man who has ever lived. He is origin of the word janky, which refers to something that is akin to Bo Jankins or something that he owned. To be used as an adjective meaning extremely or extaordinarily janky.
"I'm tired of living in this Bo Jankins house, I want to live somewhere where at least one thing actually functions correctly."
by Mompkin April 4, 2006
any knife that is retarded
made by chris coletta and chris ostrom
I janked miself in the janker with mi jankin stick cuz i was bored
by chris ostrom May 31, 2004