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what you need after having unprotected sex with an extremely slutty girl
<man 1> so what did he say bro?
<man 2> the dr. said i need a dichotomy
by the ju1ce August 27, 2003
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an event, occurance, place, or thing that is said to be, or have been, of great enjoyment
that club last night was off the heezy

that bitches face was buckled, but the pussy was off the heezy
by the ju1ce August 18, 2003
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<HaDeZ> wassup guys how are you today
<MiGGiE> stfukthnxbye
***HaDeZ has left the room***
by the ju1ce February 10, 2004
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kisses that have the distinctive flavor of taco's in them.
fulfill all your weeshes with my taco flavored keeses,,, taco taco,,,,, burrito burrito,,, taco taco
by the ju1ce August 27, 2003
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to insert an object or animal into one's anal cavity
richard gere keestered a hamster and unfortunately it got stuck

<man 1> man i wish we had some blow for this long flight

<man 2> dont worry bro i keestered an 8ball im bout to head to the bathroom right now to get it out
by the ju1ce August 18, 2003
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a man, viewed as a god to the citizens of old school msn, who bestowed numerous haxings to the cretins who occupied the chat rooms.

see also cC
<oVeRlOrD> Dude MiGGiE came in here and pwned all of us.
<HaDeZ> DewD i know he is so uber leet
<Stevo> YaH DeWdS his prog MSMigraine has owned me on numerous occasions
<cC> eYe YaM sO GhEy
by the ju1ce January 12, 2004
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a feeling of near paralysis; not being able to function properly because of overuse of the drug ketamine.
<man 1> that guy has been laying on the ground, drooling on himself, and staring at the sky for at least a half hour whats his deal?

<man 2> he's stuck in a k-hole fool!
by the ju1ce August 18, 2003
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