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a man, viewed as a god to the citizens of old school msn, who bestowed numerous haxings to the cretins who occupied the chat rooms.

see also cC
<oVeRlOrD> Dude MiGGiE came in here and pwned all of us.
<HaDeZ> DewD i know he is so uber leet
<Stevo> YaH DeWdS his prog MSMigraine has owned me on numerous occasions
<cC> eYe YaM sO GhEy
by The Ju1ce January 11, 2004
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or miggy

Slang term for ciggie (cigarette) used when you don't want teachers to know you were/are smoking at school
oi where the miggies at?

got a miggie keith?
by EAMtacular June 25, 2005
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It's an Afrikaans word describing a skinny person and is used as a nickname. If someone calls you Miggie, it is a compliment.
Hey Miggie, do you want to go eat somewhere?
by Pele Lons June 01, 2018
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