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When a male in private is masturbating and other people occupying the same residence or workplace are walking around and talking so loudly the person masturbating can hear them and that person is unable to obtain an orgasm successfully. Because of this the penis starts to get sore, they get blue balls, their blood presure and heart rate raises, and they get very extremely angry and frustrated.

Sometimes responsible for workplace beatings and murders.
I was in the bathroom masturbating and I got Cock Anger cuz my mom kept walking around and talking on the phone. She needs to plant her ass in a chair and get off the phone!
by The Jax April 12, 2007

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When a male locks themself in a private room with cable tv or VCR, such as a bedroom, so they can watch an episode of the Nickelodeon's television show Zoey 101 and masturbate without being disturbed or interupted.
My friends wanted me to come out with them on Sunday. But I told them I was busy so I could have Zoey 101 Personal Time.
by The Jax April 12, 2007

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A girl casted as Nicole on the Nickeldeon television show Zoey 101. She left the show for an unknown reason in 2007. Its predicted she got more fan-mail than any other girl on the show because she is the prettiest and most fun character. Fans of Alexa Nikolas usually are not attracted to or are fans of Jamie Lynn Spears because of their completely different characters and style of dress. Now watchers of the show are forced to look at Lola (Victoria Justice) who's character and style of dress has changed slightly since the character Nicole has left the show due to fill her gap. Victoria Justice is pretty but not 100% all the time when she is wearing a terrible outfit or is in the wrong light. Alexa Nikolas is beautiful all the time. Even in a t-shirt and sweats. She is one of the most prettiest and talented girls on tv and would be hard to replace. Bottom Line.
Alexa Nikolas is no longer on Zoey 101! What am I supposed to do, look at Quinn! WTF! Savage Steve Holland and Nickelodeon better get their shit together and get her back or start a Nicole 102 show.
by The Jax April 12, 2007

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A public, semi-public, or private coming of age celebration ceremony, during or shortly after a Batmitzvah for the jewish, or 8th Grade graduation for various christians, taking place within the event on a stage or raised platform, which requires the act of a father or an adult male for hire having consensual sexual intercourse with the guest of honor, a minor adolescent girl, with the end result of the hymen being broken and the male having an orgasm outside of the girls body. The reason for this is to prepare the girl for adulthood while at the same time preventing the minor adolescent girl from being in an uncomfortable situation with another man during her years as a teenager or an adult.

After a Deflowering Event, a certificate is issued, usually by a member of the clergy. The reason for this, in most cases, is to avoid prosecution for allowing this event. The event itself is considered illegal but the certificate can make it legal for the reason of it being a religeous family tradition.

For the event, the girl is required to wear traditional formal attire, consisting of a dress of prom-like or a dress shirt and formal skirt. Pantyhose, if worn, is taken off prior to the deflowering, during this event. The girl is required to be barefoot.

After the event, if a male was hired, it is customary for the male to leave the premises. It is considered taboo and highly disrectful in the utmost highest regard towards the family to have the male remain at the ceremony after the Deflowering Event has taken place. The male will be asked to leave. If the male remains without an invitation from a head member of the family, which is rare, it may cause the family and their guests at the ceremony to create an uncomfortable situation in which most usually is escalated. If the male still remains at the ceremony after the situation is escalated, the family will be obligated by tradition to take matters into their own hands to physically remove the male. Leading up to a civil unrest or even in rare cases, a riot, where the local authorities may have to be contacted to restore order.
"I was at my friend's 12 year old sister's BatMitzvah last week and I seen her have sex with her father on stage in front of the entire family. When I asked someone about it, they told me it was a traditional Deflowering Event. His family is weird and he's not my friend anymore."
by The Jax January 15, 2007

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When a male with a foot fetish, usually of younger girls, takes pieces of paper and writes on them with black magic marker, making a sign. The signs usually pertains to requests such as "Put your feet on the dashboard" or "take off your shoes" or "You have nice feet". Other messages vary depending on the person's creativity and their taste. The male then puts these signs in their car. When driving, the male shows these signs to girls in other cars, most usually passengers. When the male shows the signs, the female will sometimes comply to the request.
I made a new copy of Foot Fetish Driving Signs because the first ones weren't as easy to read.
by The Jax May 06, 2007

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An open-toed rubber sandal. Mostly worn by adolescent girls for comfort or fashion and very common in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and its suburbs in New Jersey and Delaware.

Very common with adolescent girls that play middle school and high school sports. More common with girls who play sports that participate in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming. Most usually worn before or after a game and sometimes during school.

It is also quite common to be worn by adolescent girls that attend catholic school, while in their uniform, when they are traveling to and from school, by car or public transportation or walking, or after school at a public place such as a fast food place or the mall.

The three malls in the Philadelphia Area where you will find most catholic school girls wearing Adidas Sandals after school are Franklin Mills, Deptford Mall, and Moorestown Mall.

Most catholic school girls that wear these usually put their adidas sandals in their lockers during school. It is uncommon for unattractive girls to wear them.

A lot of men, 20 years old and older, who have a fetish for adolescent girls and their feet or who have a catholic school girl fetish, often find this very attractive and arousing. Some girls that attend catholic schools that require them to wear tights with their uniform, notably St Hubert Catholic High School For Girls, will wear socks under their tights for the reason that they do not want their feet to stink or because they do not want other guys to see their feet or toes. The term for this is often called "Hubert Denied" and is often used in conversation by guys, who share the same interests, who are disappointed or angry when they thought they could see the girl's feet through her brown St Hubert tights when later all they saw was an outline of her foot in a sock.

Also very common to be worn, with or without socks, by girls between the ages of 18 and 21, attending college while at their dorm or going to, from, anr/or attending class.
1. "I saw this Philly catholic high school girl in her uniform wearing Adidas Sandals. Oh my god, she was so hot!"

2. "I was at our High School's Girls Varsity Soccer game. After the game, I saw a girl and all her teammates take off their pads and socks and put on Adidas Sandals. In turn, I got a major woody."

3. "Cottman Avenue and Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia, is the mecca of girls in school uniforms wearing adidas sandals! We call it Huberts HQ."

4. "Sorority girls are so hot in their barefoot Adidas Sandals!"
by The Jax January 16, 2007

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When an individual that works for an employer, who hasn't been fired and is still employed, stops recieving a paycheck due to a payroll screw up. Everytime the individual attempts to follow up on the problem, the person in charge of payroll will call it by that name. Usually, due to the high demands and deadlines in any given payroll department, the probability of the problem being corrected is very low unless a very high level supervisor has become involved. The problem can last for weeks, even months, forcing the individual to get another job or quit all together. Usually getting denied unemployment for quiting. In rare cases, the individual, who quits, will recieve a W-2 form at the end of the year showing all wages, yet a large amount of those wages still have not been paid.
1) I went to pick up my paycheck Friday and my boss did not have it when they came. Payroll was closed and I had to wait till Monday. I called them on Monday and they told me that I should have been paid and that there was an Ongoing Payroll Issue and that it would work itself out shortly. 16 weeks later, I got another job and sued the bastards!
by The Jax April 25, 2007

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