Very sore or tired feet.
I think we oughtta call it a day on this hike, Susan. I've got barking dogs!
by pentozali February 28, 2008
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smelly or stinky feet.
also, tired feet.
you've got some barking dogs, man. (your feet stink.)
my dogs are barking. (my feet hurt.)
by geneva kyrkslovan June 16, 2006
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a person who tends to chide or scold others but who is really kind-hearted in spirit.
My foreman is a barking dog. Although he reprimands me for my mistakes, he loves me from the bottom of his heart.
by uttam maharjan February 17, 2010
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A vaiation of the "shocker."
Forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger inserted into the vagina, pinky inserted into the rectum, thumb stimulating the clitoris.
Your pinky becomes the dog's lower jaw, and your thumb becomes the dog's ear.
by G-Dawg May 27, 2003
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A natural defense that involves producing a powerful fart in order to launch a nestled penis from ones rectum. A barking devil dog can be produced by either gender and is solely utilized to abrupt the act of anal sex.
"If you even think about slipping it into the wrong hole; I won't hesitate to give you a barking devil dog."
by dSwagg2012 January 13, 2012
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The ability (or relief) to be able to fart when prairie dogging.
Sara was thankful that she had a barking prairie dog because she didn't have skid marks when she finally was able to get into the toilet.
by hoho223 November 7, 2009
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Possibly explained as a punctuated Wolf Bite, the Dog Bark is a sweaty, chaffing ass crack's wake-up-fart. It's a well known fact that farting hurts, when you've got a Wolf Bite. Now you know that such a fart (in which every vibration and clap is felt like a slap on sunburn) is called a Dog Bark.
Damn, I knowed I shouldn'a ate them Crunch Wraps before I goed jogging. Them shits gave me the Dog Bark hard core, son.
by JoshuaJordan May 9, 2008
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