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List of things to appear in a typical episode/complaints about the series in general

1. In every episode: A common high-school stereotype must be brought up and made fun up.
2 In every episode: The "Paradise" of the school must be over-exaggerated.
3. In every episode: Contest. Zoey wins. She gets the greatest prize ever. The end.
5: Everyone that Zoey hangs out with is sane. Everyone who she doesn't hang out with is either a nerd, a weirdo, a bully, a dork etc. (See number 1)
6. Some weird bright pink, jeep, scooter, bike...thing that Zoey feels the need to ride from one place to another, that's only about one foot from each other.
7. PCA has their own News Channel, their own drink brand, their own movie theater and their own coffee
-Watches Zoey 101-
-Head explodes-
by Ozzy Osbourne October 11, 2008
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one of the best throwback shows of the 2000โ€™s
person 1: bro do you remember zoey 101
person 2: yeah i fucking loved that show
by yourlocalpapi March 30, 2019
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What the hell was Nickolodean thinking?! I watched the fuckin show for 3 minutes and I started crying...I kid you not...everything was sooooo fake...giant dorm rooms...really smart kid is freakin popular...all they are worried about is "omg!!! i think i just broke my nail!!" well boo-fuckin-hoo, it'll fuckin grow back wount it!?
Oh, and the icing on top of the cake; "its britney bitch!"'s sister...that alone makes me want to hurl my tv out the window...
Zoey 101: Ohemgee, i broke a nail. what should I do!

Nerdy Girl: oh no!!! here are 3oo bucks!!! go get your self a mani, mmk???

Zoey: oh thanks!! your the best!!
*drives off in hot pink mustang on a beach (wtf) to the mall*
ohemgee!!! the mall is closed!!! oh whatever should i do now!?!!? life is not worth living if i have a non manicured nail!!!
*drives into ocean and is never heard from again (i wish)*
by b!tchlover October 05, 2007
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the most retarded show ever...britney spears' little sister stars as a girl at an all-boys boarding school. it is so unrealistic it makes me head ache.
zoey 101:

the girls drive on the beach (which is somehow part of their school) on their pink vespas (a reward from a teacher for winning a school assignment, the assignment being to film a teenage Survivor). then they flirt with boys and deal with their 'crazy' teachers, and have a wild party in their dorm which is the size of my whole house and professionally decorated. the smart kid is in the corner, trying to memorize the 50 states and capitals, which is an assignment for a 15-yr-old.
by Angelacia May 25, 2007
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The stupidest, most unrealistic exaggerated show on nickelodeon. How the fuck does this make sense:

-Their school is an unrealistic paradise which makes normal people like you and me SHUT THE TV OFF

-Their fucking dorm rooms are like hotel rooms

-They're too busy flirting with the boys (who by the way are all urealisticlly hot) to actually go to class AT THEIR SCHOOL

-Their biggest problems in the episodes is if they get gossiped about or accidently wear the same dress as someone else to the dance.

person 1: OMG I wish I was Zoey 101

person 2: Wow, your a stupid whore. Thats almost as bad as saying you wish you were Hanna Montanna.
by HAYN H1TMAN 808 January 23, 2009
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a stupid show about a preppy punk-ass bitch who is a stuck up little whore and thinks girls are better than boys.
Zoey 101 is t3h worst show on Nick.
by TeHbEsT July 08, 2005
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