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oft is a shortened word for often
i'm sittin sidewayz, oft in a daze, on a sunday nite i mite burn me some haze.....paul wall-sittin sidewayz(my added version)

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means to: Switch Screename
brb, i need to ssn, too many ppl r botherin me on dis one

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a combined form of the two words 'original' and 'unique'
i'm in love wit dis girl, shes so originique, i shud tell her dat and she shud take it as a compliment

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less boring way of saying AOL (america online) compare later----- laterz or lataz or lata....less boring wayZ of sayin later
guy 1:brb i gotta restart aol
guy 2: ur boring say 'i gotta restart aolz'
guy 1: i gotta restart aolz cuz itz messed up, happy now?

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a room u take a girl to to make out with her....related to the number <333 meaning love
guy:hey girl i know u hav class now in room 224 but room 333 is empty:)
girl: *laughs* cute but lets be realistic i dont want to b late and i cant skip class....lets make out after school, my place
guy:ok! :)

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means their....dont confuse it wit dere which means there but it almost sounds da same
is this deir car?
its deirs

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