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The unintentional outcome of a misread due to a hyphenation, e.g. therapist hyphenated to the-rapist.
Kate was reading her romance novel and she came across the chapter on Stella getting psychological help and mistakenly read “Bob asked Stella where she was headed so urgently and Stella replied ‘the-
rapist’ thinking that Stella was going to visit the rapist”. Likely resulting in Stella soaking in a rape bath, that Kate was oh so familiar with.
by the coMANd'r June 16, 2020
When you find yourself in a date with someone who bores you to the point that you find yourself asleep with your eyes open.
Paige: Dang, the guy last night who took me to dinner was such a bore. He caught me datenapping right during the entree.

Jill: Ya, I always used to suggest movies instead of dinner, in the event the guy was a loser, so I could catch up on my datenaps, especially if I did not get my meetnapping that day at work.
by the coMANd'r October 29, 2014
Videos watched during the COVID-19 pandemic to help stay sane typically though quarantreaming.
Jill: You holding up during this whole thing with da rona keeping you cooped up all day?

Paige: Ya, just hit my quota at work and it’s only April, aka no pants month, so I am just chillin and watching a ton of COVIDeos. Occasionally taking walks to play some COVID-19 chicken in the neighborhood. Gotta keep quaranstreaming.
by the coMANd'r April 20, 2020
A mistake when wearing a mask. Typically associated with consuming alcohol.
Amie felt like such a fool when she caught herself sucking down her 3rd margarita when her mask was still up. She was just being Covidvgilent by pulling her mask up in between sips like she has been conditioned to do - masktake... Although she kept drinking. Drew poured her a stay-cup
by the coMANd'r February 15, 2022
What everyone does during the Shelter in Place period under the COVID-19 pandemic. Steaming while holed up due to COVID-19.
Patrick: I am worried about Paige. She’s just hanging out all day quaranstreaming.

Jill: I think she’s fine. She already hit her sales quota an it’s only no pants month, perhaps that’s how she sealed the sales.

Patrick: All good. She’s just enjoying some COVIDeos.
by the coMANd'r April 20, 2020
Emergency bowel movement, as in 911 emergency for a number two/deuce.
Paige was driving home and had a 912 so had to pull in to a church parking lot and squat behind her car. Couldn’t make it to Starbucks even. Just hoping there were no cameras in the parking lot.
by the coMANd'r September 15, 2019
The camera on the top of a computer that is typically used by pedophiles to spy on young children using a computer.
Kat: Dad, can you get me a piece of duct tape?

Dad: Sure, what for?

Kat: I'm taking my math class online and have my pedo cam turned off, but the teacher is creeping me out so much that I want to double up by covering it with duct tape, just to be sure. This teacher reminds me of the rando pedo that was always hanging out at the entrance to our dorm.
by the coMANd'r March 28, 2020