If you love a combination of spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter then you might LOVE Thai food.

If you have acid reflux, many food allergies (especially peanuts, coconut and fish), think Louisiana hot sauce is the hottest thing on Earth, aren't the gastronomically adventurous type and are sensitive to strong smells and flavors, you will probably not like Thai food.

Most common ingredients in Thai food: peanuts or peanut sauce, fish sauce (smells awful when cooking but tastes great and the smell does not remain that strong when done), lemongrass, coconut milk, bird's eye chili, cucumbers, lemons, curries, garlic, jasmine rice and apple banana (it's a special type of banana).

Try it. You might become addicted.
Good Thai food experience: "Dude, I had some tom ka gai and I don't want to eat anything else for the rest of my life."

Bad Thai food experience: "Oh yeah? Well my ass as a ring indented on it from sitting on the toilet for hours. Worst case of the shits ever."

(Most likely Thai won't give you the shits, so fear not!)
by TheAnalyzer55 November 18, 2011
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A fun code name for sex. Usually for fun hot sexy sex, seeing as thai food is usually spicy and hot, and generally very good
- I'm totally craving some thai food tonight...

- Are you having thai food soon?
- Hell yes
by el_dee February 4, 2010
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Some spicy as hell food imported diwprectly from Thailand that goes right through you and gives you a bad case of diarrhea. That is Thai food.
by thaibiatchg January 24, 2012
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Typical foods, beverages, and cooking styles common to the country of Thailand. Some of the greatest and most healthy dishes are Thai.
"hey what should we order for dinner"
"freeking thai food, dude!"
by MTrilik April 8, 2008
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An extremely delicious section of the culinary world that should approched with caution and farewarning that one after eating thai food, should eat icecream to ease the pain felt thirty mintues post thai-food consumption
JoJo: hey mike lets get some thai-food
Mike: okay jo!
thirty minutes later
Jojo to mike via cell phone: hey mike?
mike: yeah?
Jojo: i should have eaten icecream..
Mike: why?
because it burns...it burns very badly...
by ikelly July 28, 2008
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A four person sexual encounter involving two males, a female, and an a cougar where each participant takes turn in tossing ones' salad while in a giant pool of rice/noodles and soy sauce.
"I can't wait to eat thai food with those two hotties and that mom from that show"
by jbournon February 22, 2010
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1.generally what a gay fellow called nadeem buys cumilla when she beats his arse at tennis.

Also look at nadeem and tennis fail

2. nice food often eaten off their lovers stomach just before they fook all night

3. A form of punishment when one person *cough* cumilla *cough* puts steamy hot food up the other persons *cough* nadeem *cough* vagina or mangina
cumilla : i want thai food

nadeem : oh u minx, just let me take off my clothes

cumilla : don't bother u fat tart
by a fat tart June 20, 2010
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