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2.Treat Vodka like water
3.One of the world most reknown mafias
4.Sport is hockey
by THC July 11, 2003
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A cross between chillum and a bubbler.
Have you ever smoked using a chubbler?
by thc September 16, 2004
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a glossy, high end urban area that is still bascially dysfunctional and jaded.
Melrose Place comes to mind. As opposed to a traditional 'ghetto' community that is destroyed by poverty, the golden ghetto's problems stem from excess
by THC July 01, 2004
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any spacious compartment or section within a pipe or other smoking instrument
We can store some weed in the chamber.
by thc September 16, 2004
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In a circle of smoking companions, a person whose turn takes an unreasonable amount of time.
Quit camping and pass the bowl!
by thc September 16, 2004
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Derived from the word shiznit.
Meaning that something is great.
Domo-kuns are the shizn0r.
by ThC April 15, 2004
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