6 definitions by teresaa

Men With Big Dicks. greyson brian and nicolas' team, for basically everything.
ms. low budget lyons- what's yo team name?

greyson- MWBD! BITCH!
by teresaa February 05, 2009
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your friend. a bud. your nig.
teresa: listen budly, if you don't reply to me, i'll get the waiter from on the border to salsa fuck you again!!

lindsey: oh noes!!
by teresaa February 05, 2009
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people from fryeburg or cumberland. mostly seen at the scarborough walmart, or the biddeford walmart.
teresa- holy shit, inbreeds!

lindsey- where do you think they're from? fryeburg or cumberland?

teresa- both, the family probably branched out.
by teresaa February 05, 2009
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when given the choice of one or more restaurants to go to, and you choose one, but soon wish you had chosen something else.
Guy 1: Dude, IHOP, or Denny's?
Guy 2: Denny's.

(upon arrival to Denny's.)

Guy 2: Damn, I'm having a serious case of regrestaurant.
by teresaa March 08, 2009
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the best motherfucking city in the world. where you can live, eat, play, and fuck, within a 5 mile radius. portland maine is the OG portland. the munjoy hill district is possibly the best place to hang out. EVAR. oregon stole portland from us, because they couldn't come up with their own fucking name. those ore-fags.
by teresaa February 05, 2009
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the basic interjection for anyone who follows the religion of chucknorrisism. the worshipping of our god chuck norris.
oh my chuck! it's chuck norris!
by teresaa February 05, 2009
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