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A small town in Rhode Island in the north eastern part of the state. Filled with poser white ghetto people who get tatoos such as:the struggle, keep on keeping on, or thug life, even though they live in a white suburbia. However, well known for its outrageous parties and keggers. A great deal of the population is stupid and will never step foot on a college campus unless it is to party or to report to there boss's office.
One of those towns where if you have half a brain you realize you need to get out of there ASAP.
-Shit there's nothing to do in cumberland.
-We could go to a party and get trashed and smoke mad weed and…get trashed.
-OK what do we do after.
-Get arrested by cumberland police that have nothing to do but hassle kids cause cumberland isn't active enough to have real police.
by daplaya December 24, 2005
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A small town located in the northeastern part of Rhode Island. This town is known to be highly populated with white ghetto wannabes and so called "thugs" who act like they are involved in gang crimes, when there really isn't any going on. These kids often refer to themselves as hard, and outsiders as soft. Their main activities include smoking, drinking, boxing, and dropping out of school. To conclude these facts, this area has to be the most trashiest place in RI (even worse than the "bucket of Pawtucket"), and about 76% estimate of the people there are all talk.
Steven: Yo, dat kid is soft, FB message him saying dat we'll kick his ass!

Zack: Ya my nigga, and if we fight, we'll bring all of our boys for backup!

Jarod: You going to Cumberland today?

Seth: No, the environment there is terrible. Besides, the kids there are even more garbage.
by Think about it, fools! April 23, 2013
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A town full of posers and potheads. Theres nothing to do, the people are idiots, and the cops wont stop you unless your a teenager. Half the population is over 50.
Dan: Yo man dont mess im a blood yo!
Alex: Yeah ok, you live in one of the richest towns in the state and your as pale as white bread.

Ted:Is there anything to do here?
Jeff: Nope, theres absolutely nothing to do in Cumberland.
by Jackie Chan Wan October 12, 2008
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Cumberland is in northeastern Rhode Island, and is just a boring town. The Cumberland High School kids are from both north Cumberland and south. The teenagers love smoking pot but think cigs are nasty. They also love to drink alcohol and usually don't get caught. Once you live in cumberland you will probaly never leave. There's nothing good to do there except walk to Cumberland House Of Pizza or aka CHOPs after school or a Clipper football game. Once a Cumberland kid always a Cumberland kid.
Person 1: "What are we doing tonight?"
Person 2: "I don't know it's Cumberland there's nothing to do here!"
Person 1: We can go to that party after the football game, I heard there's a keg and lots of pot!"
Person 2: "Good idea, we will walk to CHOPs after, and meet up with all the football players.
by 321blankpagesarealoadedgun October 27, 2009
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-City as a whole: Boring, slow, retiree town that's almost completely unheard of. A trap town. About 30% of kids are intelligent enough to realize they need to leave but only about 20% ever do leave.
North Cumberland: Farmland and Quad Riding. A lot of kids hang out at the cliff.
Cumberland Hill: Rich Kids and big houses, with the occasional thug.
Valley Falls(North of Dexter): Average Joe working class with a couple of ghettos thrown in.
Valley Falls (South of Dexter): Nightlife, high population density, lower than average income housing mixed with middle class housing, and a slightly elevated crime rate.
Cumberland High School: Blows.
Conversation between me and a random kid from Massachusetts:
Kid:"Where you from?"
Kid:"You live in a gas station?"
by xxalexawesomexx January 30, 2011
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