7 definitions by sukker-sugar

This is the face you make when your best friend makes a stupid joke or forgets something in an idiot sort of way
Your friend: *is on the phone with you* Where is my phone?
You: -.- boi
by sukker-sugar January 19, 2019
When your friend doesn't wanna curse but wants to call someone a b*tch
You: She is so horrible!
Friend: I know, right! Such a bish.
by sukker-sugar May 14, 2019
the homophobically gay supernatural ship (between dean and cas/castiel) that made tumblr break on november 5th, 2020
1: dude, did you hear about destiel?
2: do not recite the ancient scripts to me, for i was there when they were written
by sukker-sugar November 13, 2020
This adorable little thing called a kwami
"Tikki, spots on!"
"Tikki, power up!"
Let Tikki live her life with cookies
by sukker-sugar January 18, 2019
Miraculous Ladybug Character
Lady Wifi
Rene Rouge
Mari: Where are you going, Alya?

Alya: To update the LadyBlog :)
by sukker-sugar January 18, 2019