The best show in the history of television. If you haven't watched it, you're missing out. The show features Ladybug and her trusty sidekick Cat Noir (or Chat Noir, depending on preference) who fight evil villains created by Hawkmoth, their mortal enemy.
Ladybug, who fights their enemies with much determination and grace, is actually Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a clumsy, shy girl. She has a major crush on Adrien Agreste, who is Cat Noir, her friend-zoned partner in crime. He has a crush on her superhero counterpart. So in other words, he has a crush on her, but only that side of her. They don't recognize each other outside the mask, which is infuriating yet CUTE at the same time.
Ships; Ladrien (LadybugxAdrien), Lady Noir (LadybugxCat Noir), Adrienette (MarinettexAdrien), Marichat (MarinettexCat Noir)
The cleansed butterfly fluttered from its confinement of purity and into the night. Ladybug launched the flashlight above the treetops and shouted, "Miraculous Ladybug!" Millions of ladybugs dispersed among the leafy canopies, winding around the decimated glasshouses and rose bushes. There was a flurry of glass shards flying back into place and rose petals feathering the air to their rightful buds before the Jardin des Plantes was finally restored.
by M. Valentine July 05, 2016
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This show contains:

1. Marinette/Laydiebawg: "Cause I have a secret... I'm laydiebawg!!"

- Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Miraculous Ladybug 2021

2. Adrien/Ciat Nuoier: "She's just a friend, I mean my future wife."

-Adrien Agreste, C(h)at Noir 2021
Adrien: She's just a friend.
Marinette: *looks away*

-Miraculous Ladybug bloopers
by zeP0TAT0gurl August 12, 2021
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best show you will ever watch just saying you should go watch it now
how that show is great it may even be as good as miraculous ladybug
by imobsessedwithmiraculous August 31, 2018
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It is about a superhero teenager love square between a Black cat hero and a ladybug hero in Paris,France. Black cat hero and ladybug girl are the main characters.It has the balancing school life with hero stuff with the ma ,they have to defeat Hawk moth,their main villain who gives them a villain/s. Can't tell each other ,Black cat hero and ladybug hero, who they are for reasons. I suggest to watch it.
Miraculous ladybug is a superhero show.
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this show is the best show in the history of shows. if you havent watched it your missing out. chat noir is really hot. adrien always says shes just a friend which basically triggers the intire fandom. go watch it ya dumb bitches :)))))
miraculous ladybug is the best show ever!
by kitty kibble April 26, 2021
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