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(extra credit for dogfish)n. the invisible force that keeps you warm, irrelevant of the external temperature, after consuming vast amounts of alchoholic liquid refreshment...see also beer goggles beer muffs mystery taxi beer scooter
"Are you coming with us in the taxi quentin? It's frightfully nippy out" "Fackin tennn notes for a fackin ride home,, fack offff,,my beer coat'll keep me warm you fackin toffs"
by stouffer March 04, 2003
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The strange appearance of contact lenses which elevate previously obnoxious multi warted hogs, to the status of worth having a go on.
"feels warm, smells nice, female... Good start, FUCK Me, i must of been wearing my beer Goggles, hope i had brewers droop, cus i'd hate to see the offspring of this one".
by stouffer March 04, 2003
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n. Mystical auratory additions which remove the necessity for sensiant conversation, and replace any understanding of people speaking to you with a garble mess, to which a derogatory response is necessitated by being stunningly pissed.
"Now, Frank, the oven's on and I'm off out with the girls; remember to feed the baby, check on the dinner and pay the car tax. Okay?"

by stouffer March 04, 2003
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(extra credit to Dogfish)n. The remarkably quick method by which you get home after a night out on the piss, forcing you to remark you had an indelible mode of transport. (N.b. please also be aware of 'beer scooter with a puncture' which is a much slower form of transport, where you start out with speedy intentions; but spend the majority of the night dragging extra equipment attached to your legs)
"How did you get home Sebastian?"

"On a beer scooter"

by stouffer March 04, 2003
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"If you've finished polishing the captain, you could have a suck on my plums"
by stouffer November 07, 2002
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n. Reading and viewing material, otherwise known as 'cliterature'.
As Bill Hicks once said "any material devoid of content that induces sexual thoughts. So every advertising campaign on TV. When I'm watching that double-mint commercial 'double the pleasure - double the fun' with those twins; I'm not thinking about gum, that's for fucking sure"
by stouffer November 07, 2002
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