The opposite of a catfish. When you go out with a person you met online and they turn out to be much more attractive than thought previously.
I met this mediocre looking girl on tinder for a quick hit and she turned out to be a TOTAL dogfish. 10/10 would bang bro.
by C—sleazy January 8, 2018
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When you have met someone on the internet/through a dating site and when you meet them they turn out to not actually be a dog like the snapchat filter made you think.
"Hey bro, how did the date go?"
"ahhh man, it sucked. I met her at Taco Bell and she wasn't even a dog. On the picture she sent me on Snapchat she had floppy ears and a dog nose. She totally dogfish-ed me dude"
by Bakedhoven April 5, 2017
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when someone on a dating app uses pictures of themselves with their friends’ dogs and makes it seem like the dogs are theirs
I swiped right on a guy on tinder because he had the cutest dog but when I talked to him he said the dog wasn’t even his. He totally dogfished me, so I unmatched him.
by jules magoo October 16, 2018
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a person on a any given website or app that uses pictures significantly more attractive than they are at the time of the date/meet-up.

(on a scale from 1-10 a 3pt+ drop would qualify one as a "dogfish" not a catfish where the pictures used are of a completely different person or sex) (credits-Hicksy)
Girrrrrrllllll, his photos must have been from his high school days when he was a 9. Because when he showed up he as more like a 6, damn dogfish fuck-boys.
by AdamAGame May 17, 2018
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This is the definition of a collective group of people intertwined by having a relationship with a specific man. no one else knows they are a part of this dating polygamy act. He is a mix of a catfish and a straight up sociopath dog and hooks multiple women in his game. He lives a life of lies making these women all think they are number 1. He tags fb posts of one girl but then untags and deactivates accounts so others can't see. He will provide flowers, for some, but not all, hold doors and buy Mac computers for some but not all. He will tell you he has proposed to past girls but then they cheated. He will use his kids and multiple jobs as an excuse for why you never see him. You will never go to his place even after a year. You will never meet his mom, family, friends and kids even though he says they want to meet you. He will make up she's just a friend story to his other girls: For example telling one girl that he went to college with another girl and was in a tight group with her and 2 gay guys it wasn't true.

He will lie at all costs to keep his school of fish! Please Beware of the dogfish!
That asshole Tennessee aka Tj turned out to be a real dogfish!
by Ebizzle82 March 2, 2016
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Is when something eats period blood off tampons and pads.
Oi you here about Jonny?

Yeah I heard he’s a bit of a dogfish
by Coonknees November 7, 2018
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When you meet a person of the same sex from the internet and it turns out they want to have sex with you
Man I got dogfished by my world of Warcraft buddy
by CHUBZ September 28, 2018
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