19 definitions by Stouffer

n. colloquialism. expletive. A dick. see also scandinavian pig farmer, arabian cheese manufacturer, rectal cheese wire face
"Fucking annular ring shank motha fucker."
by Stouffer November 7, 2002
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"I spanked for a long time. It was almost a Spankathon."
by Stouffer November 7, 2002
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(extra credit to Dogfish)n. similar to beer goggles in their effect on the morning after...but...when you're SO pissed you're SURE the woman you pulled last night was better looking than the bush hog you're lying next to when you wake up.
"holy shit...who the fuck are you? Bollocks, the pretty bird I pulled has been taken away by the Mystery Taxi. Please get out of my home"
by Stouffer March 4, 2003
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n. Reading and viewing material, otherwise known as 'cliterature'.
As Bill Hicks once said "any material devoid of content that induces sexual thoughts. So every advertising campaign on TV. When I'm watching that double-mint commercial 'double the pleasure - double the fun' with those twins; I'm not thinking about gum, that's for fucking sure"
by Stouffer November 7, 2002
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"If you've finished polishing the captain, you could have a suck on my plums"
by Stouffer November 7, 2002
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n. Erect cock. captain. boner
She was cooking on full power gripping my pan handle.
by Stouffer November 7, 2002
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