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Verb. To embellish a story to make it seem more interesting. Similar to what is done to photos, when they are photoshopped.
Tom: "Hey Joe, are you going to tell people how you almost caught that 20 lb. fish while you were on vacation?"
Joe: "Ah, I was thinking about it, but it's not that great of a story."
Tom: "No, problem, Why not just storyshop it and make it a 200 lb. fish?"
by stockman09 July 29, 2012
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Ryan: "Jesus, who's that chick you were with the other night? I sure would like to pound that pussy."
Nikko: "Yeah, she's hot, for sure, but she's a little...how shall we say.... "under the weather upstairs".
by stockman09 November 11, 2007
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To have submitted and been approved for publication by urbandictionary.com
Tom: "Yo shitface, I just thought of a great word for urbandictionary.com. -"broesy"
Bill: "Get fukkin' real. I urbandictionaried that weeks ago."
by stockman09 July 06, 2007
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Noun. An idiot, a moron, a dope.
Tom: "Billy, did you explain to Steve that Gilligan just NEVER gets off that island?"

Billy: "I tried to brozay, but you know Steve - he's a total zero upstairs."
by stockman09 November 30, 2010
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adj. Describing something that is very straight or stiff, or someone standing that way.
Tennis instructor: "Evan, you have to bend your knees on that shot!"
Evan: "What, I'm not getting down low enough?"
Tennis instructor: "Low enough? You're as erect as a 5 a.m. penis."
by stockman09 November 19, 2010
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