Baced is all about originality. Creating items that are extraordinarily unique for someone ready to live the luxury lifestyle at an affordable price accenting the more priceless items that are a part of your everyday life. High quality comfortable casual clothing.
" Hey look at that guy his shirt is obviously made by Baced clothing."
by originalpeople March 4, 2015
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To receive a "B" as a grade...the natural progression after "ace", or an "A".
Joe: "Yo broesy, you ace that test?"
Evan: "Nah, didn't study that hard. Baced it though."
by stockman09 January 5, 2008
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getting your picture taken by a well known club photographer who goes by the internet pseudonym "bace".
"you just got baced!"
"oh look there's bace, let's go get baced"
by the real bace April 15, 2009
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slang for loos tobaco
hey josh u got a pac of bacee
by ozzy pingo June 1, 2005
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The art of posting things on face book at 3AM, drunk that you would never post sober.
Suzanne really pissed off some friends with her bace fooking last night!
by K-Dawg4835 August 15, 2009
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He is probably one of the most approachable people you'll ever meet. Always caring, and loving to others, he's got such good humour and he is so talented in ways you won't probably even tell. His eyes are beautiful, like the sunset calling out for your attention. He's got the nicest playlist ever. his smile is like your favourite perfume you always wear. Makes you smile even though he's in a tough position. He plays volleyball and probably basketball. He doesn't point out your insecurities. he is the most protective person you'll ever meet. He keeps his close friends small, doesn't like to tell anyone his secret unless you've been talking to him. His hair is graciously beautiful, golden, blonde kind of black. THE COOLEST PERSON EVER. He also doesn't hold his jokes back like literally you might get pissed but he will eventually say sorry and point out his mistake. Always hanging out with a girl but he says they're just FRIENDS. GIRL YOU'VE GOT A CHANCE! Doesn't like people that are too ... PICK ME. But there are more. He's gotta be the one if you're looking for someone.
Them: "oh shoot who's that? he's so gangsta"
me: "oh, that's Bace, he likes to keep his cool."
by ursuchaslut444 November 22, 2021
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