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Someone who thinks extremely highly of themselves. Someone who is vain normally thinks they are better than everyone else, and you will often find them looking in a mirror. See 'conceited.'
Maria thinks she is the shit. She is so vain.
by Steve August 06, 2004
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pissed off, anoyyed etc
im fucking vexed
by steve November 05, 2003
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Referring to an item composed of gelatin or gelatin-like material. See StrongBad email 84.
Some people are being devoured by a gelatinous monster. Hilary's legs are being digested.
by Steve January 12, 2005
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verb. A hug with a bit of snuggle thrown in for good measure.
Steve huggled the sweet girl.
by Steve February 06, 2004
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1.umm is a word commonnley used in times of indecision
Tim, "Cecil would you like pizza or tacos for dinner?"
Cecil, "Umm."
Tim, "Tacos it is then."
by steve April 19, 2005
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This word is any animal with human characteristics.
The popular PC Game Everquest, has many Anthrpomorphic characters in the game, such as a lion, and frog.
by Steve July 29, 2004
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an afro- american girl with a ass-matic ass
this black girl in my class has a major donkey booty
by steve February 24, 2005
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