56 definition by stan

1. to beat the shit out of someone.
2. extreamly intoxicated
1. hey, let's go split those fuckers.
2. dude, I was split last night
by stan April 12, 2004

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Hitting on a woman, much like a raccoon hunitng dog will chase its prey up a tree.
Did you see Bill last night, he was trying to tree every woman in the bar.
by Stan March 08, 2004

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Don't know. To pretend not ot know someone.
Last night she was all over me but today in front of all her friends she DKed me.
by Stan March 15, 2004

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yummy goodness located in a woman's vulva
there's only one thing in this world that i would die for. and that my friend, is poontang
by stan February 16, 2005

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someone who likes the penis way to much and goes around stealing peaple straightnes!!
big gay al is a gay bandit
by stan April 08, 2005

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sixty year old goth who throws chickens
alice cooper kicks ass
by stan December 13, 2004

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Having sex with a large woman
I was with this lady last night. She weighed 200 pounds, we were making bacon.
by Stan March 15, 2004

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