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the state of disgust caused by the realization that the dried date you are about to eat looks like a cockroach
Sid: I don't want to eat this...
Jerry: You're just suffering from pre-date jitters! That's not a cockroach...
by srav December 27, 2011
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the use of an apostrophe in the naming of aliens in science fiction. Extremely prevalent in turning a common name into an alien-esque name.
Author: "hmm. I need a name for this alien in my book"

Friend: "How about... Jon?"

Author: "No. I will use J'on!"

Friend: "Ah, the use of the alien apostrophe, like Kal'el, Jor'el, Teal'c, Bra'tac, D'on...
by srav May 3, 2009
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A situation where two opposing sides are at a stalemate and have no hope of resolving the situation.
A zerg vs. zerg fight was a total cheesefest! The game went on forever!
by srav July 11, 2008
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The burden of the biggest man in the group to sit in the front seat of a cab.
Sid was 7 feet tall. He felt the big man’s burden to always sit in the front seat.
by srav August 1, 2019
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the ability to order something on the menu by one's own volition, without input from anybody else.
Waitress: "So, what will it be, Sid?"

Sid: "I'll let Mikey order first."

Mikey: "The Chicken Fried Rice"

Sid: "Yeah, one of that for me too."

Mikey: "You have no ordering agency..."
by srav May 5, 2009
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Delta Relationship : Noun : Signifying the change in a relationship.
Sid: "She went from hating me to tolerating me in a week! According to our delta relationship, if this reaction continues, we're married by the 4th of next month!"
by srav May 19, 2009
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One who swears a lot is said to have this.
Kelly: ***** ** *** you mother****** piece of ****. I will **** you up and **** them until they're ****** over.

Sid: you sure as **** have sailor's tongue!
by srav June 8, 2009
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