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def 1: An online community where young teenage males pretend to be young teenage females to flirt with a lesbian and get nude pics... where in actual fact the 'lesbian' is really a perverted old man pretending to be a teenage lesbian to flirt with other teenage girls and get nude pics. Both sets of pics exchanged are fake - from a website claiming to offer 'youngest teen models' but are actually 25 year-old failed glamour models with their hair in bunches. But neither man really cares - they've both got their nobs out.

OR def 2: An online community where young teenage males look for cyber sex. But all the 'girls' they talk to are really perverted middleaged gay men with their nobs out, wanting to see someone masturbate on webcam.

OR def 3: An online community that only exists for the sole purpose of finding a real girl on her webcam! People enter the room, ask to view the cams, and then leave when they realise the only people that will let them view are middleaged men with their nobs out.
Joe, 16 who thinks he's talking to Sarah, 14 is actually talking to Bob, 43... But Bob doesnt know that Joe isnt really called Joe - he's called Dave and he's 35.
by spunky March 21, 2004
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The youngest of the lads who comes to town and fucks the most women that evening
what a night last night boys, you seen Keith anywhere?

Oi oi that spunky pup, yeah he passed out at the brothel
by spunky January 22, 2016
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In online chatrooms it means a man in his 40's or 50's with his nob out.
In yahoo chat TEEN room - male, 42... male, 54...male, 49
by spunky March 21, 2004
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A turdfly is someone who is considered stupid or acts stupid at times,a non-offensive word.

Also a fly who eats turds(so any fly really)
Your such a turdfly!!!Turdfly!!!

Ewwwww, there is a turdfly on my food!!!
by spunky April 4, 2005
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