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Despite contrary belief, Meninism is a spoof of modern/third wave feminism. It has been highly criticized by moderns as 'white men making something about themselves,' or a movement for 'giving up.'
Online 'supporters' of meninism post humorous (or non-humorous) pictures, tweets, blogs, etc. contributing to the 'cause.'

I.E.: My eyes are up here.
by InTheEndo September 08, 2015
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Mens sarcastic answer to feminism by means of complaining about the other genders opression, much like feminism.
Rick believes in meninism, Lily is a feminist. They both fight about who is more oppresed. Rick is laughing the entire time.
by Deviant_rickross_mc mikerson February 14, 2015
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A widespread spoof of modern, first world feminism and the many trivial things most feminists complain about. It is also sometimes used to call out double standards that men face due to their gender. However, it is not a real movement for equality despite the claims of many who get upset over it existing.
Amy: Are you a meninist, rob?

Rob: No, I can't be because meninism is a satirical take on feminism and nothing more.

Amy: *runs out of the room crying*
by spootyhead March 31, 2015
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A Synonym for bullshit; usually used by those who aren't oppressed but want to be. Male men (usually white) who feel entitled to women; favorite tools being their hand and their keyboard.
Oh man, did you see TwilightSpankles69's lastest chapter to"Friendship is Masturbating?" I love that fic! BTW, Here's the link to the meninism chatroom for later tonight. LEL, make sure to wear your fedora!
by Taruiplier January 24, 2015
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A mens rights movement focusing on the discrimination of men in the judical system, education system, and so forth. Meninism is not the same as sexism, contradictory to popular belief.
Man: *wears meninism shirt*
Woman (feminist): You are a useless scum and a discriminative lump of testosterone

Man (feminist): *wears feminist shirt*
Woman (feminist): Wow you are such a supportive person (even though his shirt insults men)
by daymx June 02, 2015
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The belief or idology that men in society are in some cases oppressed. Similar to feminism, but avocate for equality rights like marrige, university application, and job risks. Meninist are often confused with sexist however they are not.
Why don't people flip out when a woman hits a man? Meninism

Why can a woman force a man to be a father but a man can't force a woman to be a mother? Meninism
by Joey'sWorldTour May 11, 2016
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or sad little virgin

used by straight white boys who can't get laid and blame women for it. they claim that they are discriminated by feminism, but if they did a little research they'd find out it's actually a movement fighting for equal rights and even theirs. for example when you guys get told you hit like a girl or that you shouldn't wear pink, we are both discriminated. that's why we should fight hand in hand and not against each other. (and on the plus side, girls love open minded guys so think about it)
friend : lmao Jake wore a meninism t-shirt at school today. that is so angry virgin of him !
friend 2 : I kinda feel pity for him, if no guys ever looked at me I would start to hate them too tbh.
by lilacdescygnes September 30, 2015
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