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A store that sells designer items like Hurley, Roxy, Billabong, etc. Most of the items focus around skater and surf stuff. It's great but way too many posers come, resulting in unhappy shopping.
Let's go to PacSun, it's one of the best stores ever.
by Spasticpancreas May 11, 2008

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The Penn Relays is a track and field event held in Franklin Field in Philadelphia, PA, and it is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania (UoP) each year. Only the best in track and field go to the Penn Relays. The competitors are from throughout the continent of North America, including Jamaica. There are around 300 events in 5 days of competing at the Penn Relays.
Many Olympic competitors were/are noticed in the Penn Relays.
Sarah: My team got into the Penn Relays!
Carolyn: Wow! Great job, you guys must be really fast!
by SpasticPancreas January 27, 2008

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Biggest Loser is a tv show that helps a bunch of fat people lose weight, yet they eliminate one person each week. All it is is another reality tv show.
"Are you watching the Biggest Loser tonight?"
"No, why should I give a shit about fat people?"
by SpasticPancreas February 12, 2008

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A very good rock band that is quickly crawling to the top. One of their best songs is called "Shockwave".
You should listen to Black Tide on iTunes.
by spasticpancreas April 04, 2008

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A word spoken by Ms. Garrison in LesBos, the lesbian bar that was almost taken over by Persians in South Park (episode D-Yikes!).
Also spelled les-tastic.
Girls, that was so lestastic when we defeated the Persians!
by Spasticpancreas March 21, 2008

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One of the best places in Philadelphia. Best place to listen to good, live music, and there's a mosh pit, despite the sign in the front that says "No stage dives, no mosh pits, no crowd surfing." Great place to hear a variety of music and new, upcoming bands. Some people call it the Troc.
I love to go to the Trocadero every other Saturday.
by SpasticPancreas April 16, 2008

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I know that you don't give a fuck about Delaware, and I can understand why. But here is what I have to say about your state:
Alabama- too Southern. Full of the KKK and white trash.
Alaska- beautiful. But I think that a thrill seeker might not like it.
Arizona- I'm sure that its very lovely, but I have no intention to go there.
Arkansas- see above.
California- you people make me laugh. Learn how to drive.
Colorado- very beautiful state, actually. very impressive.
Connecticut- eh.
Florida- Learn how to drive while you are getting your face fixed.
Georgia- Oh boy. How exciting. I always like to visit cities that were burned by the yankees.
Hawaii- It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to know that I can only fly or swim to the nearest land.
Idaho- one word= potato.
Illinois- one word= Packingtown.
Indiana- eh.
Iowa- eh.
Kansas- bring me a tornado, please.
Kentucky- eh.
Lousiana- considering that your main city was wiped out, there is nothing exciting about Lousiana.
Maine- eh.
Maryland- somewhat exciting.
Massachusetts- historic, but is there anything modern?
Michigan- eh.
Minnesota- eh.
Mississippi- what a stupid name, but i guess it fits.
Missouri- eh.
Montana- see Arizona.
Nebraska- population, like, 2?
Nevada- prostitutes and losers. how exciting, considering 85% of the land is owned by the government.
New Hampshire- eh. probably a lot of fun for people who like to ski.
New Jersey- wow. it's a lot of fun, but learn how to drive.
New Mexico- nothing to say, because all the funny men with black moustaches and tacos will get mad.
New York- its a lot of fun, but polluted. Learn how to drive.
North Carolina- eh.
North Dakota- see above.
Ohio- Rock n Roll, baby.
Oklahoma- see Kansas.
Oregon- I'm sure it's very nice.
Pennsylvania- I like it, it's very amazing. But Philadelphia creeps me out sometimes, and you need to learn how to drive.
Rhode Island- man, I didn't know that anything could be worse than Delaware.
South Carolina- see North Carolina.
South Dakota- see North Dakota.
Tennessee- I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to be a hillbilly.
Texas- Too Southern, and too big.
Utah- I know that Mormons don't practice polygamy, but its fun to joke about them.
Vermont- see New Hampshire.
Virginia- I love Virginia, it's very exciting.
Washington- volcano me, plz.
West Virginia- incest and coal mining rocks.
Wisconsin- population, like, 2?
Wyoming- population, like, 2?
Delaware is a great state and you should love it more.
by spasticpancreas April 02, 2008

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