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Alternative rock band based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that consists of Nico, Jeff, Martha and Brandon. They are most famous for creating the theme to the popular machinima series Red vs. Blue, "Blood Gulch Blues".
Did you hear Trocadero play in Toronto!? Brought down the house.
by Count3D July 19, 2007
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One of the best places in Philadelphia. Best place to listen to good, live music, and there's a mosh pit, despite the sign in the front that says "No stage dives, no mosh pits, no crowd surfing." Great place to hear a variety of music and new, upcoming bands. Some people call it the Troc.
I love to go to the Trocadero every other Saturday.
by SpasticPancreas April 16, 2008
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the greatest place in london ever, full of hot asian guys, Rory, Pump and Para Para

also has a cinema and loads of other awsome entertainmetn things =
girl 1 : hey, lets go trocadero and look at some Rory

girl 2 : hell yeah! he's such a hot asian guy, lets play some pump and para para too

girl 1 : yeah, cool, lets go shopping and maybe to the cinema too!
by x_loli_x June 13, 2008
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The Trocadero in London is a massive Entertainment centre, with arcades, bowling, cinema etc. It is completely populated by rude boy filth.

90% of people there you will want to kill. Also, do not go there after 9pm on a Saturday...

Other than that it is awesome, you find some hardcore Game Dancers (DDR, EZ2, PUMP) and has DDR Extreme!
I walked into the Trocadero with a shotgun and came out dragging 5 rude boys by their shirts.

I also came out and realised that I felt the urge to go back and do it all over again, and play a bit of DDR Extreme while I was there too.
by Cloud October 31, 2004
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Trocadero is epic!
It has an arcade and also has loads of shops and stuff.
You sometimes see cosplayers there it has PUMP! and DDR and silent hill which I clocked btw ^^
Randomperson1:Oh my! look at those awesome people on pump!
Randomperson2:: i know them! there names are MEEEEEL! ...velone...and ...hayley.
Mel: .....ยฌ_ยฌ
This is the trocadero life...yup.
by January 17, 2009
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The hottest place to get churpsed by boys. They literally live in there just waiting to churps girls like moi. Trocadero's like a big entertainment complex: shops, arcades, cinema, bowling etc and is one of the busiest hang out places for teens in London. People found there are mostly: teens, security gaurds and chinese men on the dancing machine. DO NOT step foot in there if you are a weak pussyhole boy or you will get dissed by the rude boiz dem. When you go there and you're a neek you won't be welcomed. Did i mention the boys??
1) A neek set foot in Trocadero and got rushed out by dem rude boys.

2)ME:I went to trocadero last week and got churpsed by some choong boys.
FRIEND: Yeah girl work it, you know dem guys there cant stay away from you.
ME: MMMM HMMMMM.....I got like 9 phone numbers....
FRIEND: U go girl!!!
by hott_shawtay April 25, 2005
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