A really smart guy who destroys Autotards with facts and logic
Shockwave is dominating the Autobots, and they don't like it!
by Dr. Stupid the original April 7, 2019
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Decepticon general. Transforms into a powerful blaster. Extremely determined, loyal, and above all else, Logical.

One eyed purple gun indeed.
"Shockwave, I leave Cybertron to you, keep it as I have left it."
by NeroMan. September 22, 2003
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Decepticon who has this massive creature known as The Driller. Is know for his cannon arm,dedication to logic,short screen time,and cyclops eye.
by General Langston September 3, 2019
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A purple scientist who’s arm go bitten off by a big fat dinosaur called grimlock
Shockwave has one arm now! And still one eye what a freak
by Megamusprime November 28, 2021
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Shockwave is a decepticon scientist with one eye and is usually logical. He was killed by Optimus Prime in DoTM alongside one of his creations; a driller. He may be alive in other movies or books.
by Mightshutdown March 14, 2020
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An underrated character who's very cool. This was written by Soundwave.
Shockwave stop being smart I am tired of being a dumb leader!!
by Galien June 27, 2022
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Condition caused by prolonged use of Ecstasyor MDMA. Presents during sleep, causes person to believe that they've woken up. Person tries to talk/move/scream and is unable to move/speak. Mind realizes paralysis and is terrified. Sensation of feeling trapped in your mind. Eventually the person wakes and realization sets in.
"John is not coming out tonight, he got shockwave last night and it freaked him."
by holoveuse May 14, 2009
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