17 definition by sophia

Inspired by a young adolescent by the name of Kevin, kargarban is an adjective used to describe someone who lacks intelligence. In simpler terms, it can be defined as someone that is stupid. A stupid person.
He was like, "Would you like one donut... or 15 and a half donuts?" and i was like "damn...he is like..SUCH a kargarban"
by sophia June 30, 2004

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verb form of mootie,
Stop mootering!!! u are such a mootie!!
by sophia December 11, 2003

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scared or woried about sumthing
EEKAHH omg really then what?
by Sophia September 28, 2003

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This word can be replaced with words such as: sucka, wanksta, nigga, gangsta etc. Most accuretly replaced with a word to describe a sucker or a looser.
I got a new ride, nuckka!
Wud up mah nuckka!
I told you that the sky would be a pretty blue, nuckka!
by Sophia April 21, 2003

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status, as in being in pimp status.
sophia is status. pimp status.
by sophia January 18, 2004

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The singer is so sexilixious
by Sophia July 17, 2003

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Blue hair is a nessesity.
I just got blue hair today and im suprisingly happy!
by sophia August 31, 2003

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